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When Whiteness Alienated Me, Art Saved Mea personal essay about understanding my identity as a South Asian queer woman and the importance of artists of color on
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Period Pride, a video on relationships queer people have with menstruation on
Skinny People Need To Do Better, an article about unconsciously fat shaming and thin privilege on
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Inside the Makeup Bag of a Teenager Who Splurges at Sephora When She's Sad, a beauty diary series looking inside people's makeup bags and budgets on 
Pride Month: 6 South Asian Creatives Share Their Coming Out Stories and It’s Worth a Read, a photoshoot series for Pride Month,  with six South Asian creatives who each represented a color of the pride flag with a bindi on
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Allah Is Dead, and My Family Killed Him, a personal essay about how Muslim families use religion as a tool to parent their children on
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My Fat Body Shouldn't Bother You, a Snapchat feature discussing body positivity and microaggressions on
Dynamic Desi, a photo series exploring the identity millennial South Asian Americans who balance distinctive histories, identities, cultures, and beliefs on
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The many ways of being Muslim during Ramadan, a feature in an article about struggling with faith in the holy month of Islam on 
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Queering the Alphabet, a photoshoot and feature on a zine that profiles queer/trans folks of color currently involved in direct political activism on 
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No, I’m not Into You: the Struggle to Find Female Friends as a Queer Person, an article about navigating friendships with straight girls on