A Snapchat story feature discussing body positivity and microaggressions on 


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An interview + photo series exploring my South Asian Muslim and queer identity for International Muslim Womxn's Day in partnership with Brown Girl Magazine, Unapologetically Muslim on Refinery29

A group of young people were asked about their thoughts on Kavanaugh's nomination on Teen Vogue.


A feature on a beauty diary series looking inside people's makeup bags and budgets on 



A photoshoot and feature on a zine that profiles queer/trans folks of color currently involved in direct political activism on Spicy Zine.


A photoshoot and feature promoting a campaign, Wellness Confidence, on

Join the Cosmos


A feature in an article about struggling with faith in the holy month of Islam on 



A photo series exploring the identity millennial South Asian Americans who balance distinctive histories, identities, cultures, and beliefs on 

Spicy Zine.

A feature and photoshoot on being a South Asian queer creative on Brown Girl Magazine


With schools closed amid the pandemic, some LGBTQ young people have lost crucial support systems and are self-isolating with unsupportive relatives on NBC News

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On the many revelations discovered during quarantine and navigating layers of communal trauma in the South Asian community on Studio Ānanda

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South Asian Memory Work is a digital storybook that rethinks how we approach storytelling, by centering the memories and lived experiences of South Asian Americans whose histories and intersecting identities have been erased, and continues to be erased in a mainstream context.